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Upon bike tent is designed especially for biking travelers who need comfortable shelter that isextremely lightweight. This single-person tent is roomy with good ventilation. All stitching lines and 2 windows are sealed with waterproof seamtape to ensure riders sleeping dry and well.
UPON充氣式單車帳篷以獨創設計的「充氣柱」取代 傳統帳篷骨架,解決易折損及過重等常見問題; 營繩與自行車結合是固定帳篷的方法之一, 解開營繩時,帳篷會立即鬆落,睡眠休息中的旅人 可立即察覺達到警示效果。100公分的高度與1.05公斤 的超輕量,提供舒適的休息空間、節省行李體積與體力耗費。
  堅持和台灣的中小型企業一起努力,要形成一個善的循環, 從原創的第一張設計圖到布料織染、氣柱壓合、氣閥選擇、 營繩、營釘......整件作品的完成,都是台灣人與在地各工廠 一項項討論、打樣,不斷重複嘗試才成為現在的樣子, 100% 台灣製造。

Patented valve
easy to adjust air amount
Two-way pump
Two-way pump allows
easierand faster inflation
Pack sack
Pack sack can be used as a
temporary water bag
Guid lines
Three polyester ropes can
be usedas clotheslines and
straps to securebaggage
Air pillar
Air pillar can be used as a
floating device

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